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Commercial Leasing Considerations

Commercial lease applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Here are some factors we look at in evaluating commercial lease applications:

  • the financial strength of the tenant (eg, credit history, financial or bank statements, or tax returns)
  • the tenant’s ability or track record as a merchant or business
  • the tenant’s advertising, branding, or appearances (eg, is the tenant’s current business attractive, inviting and clean?)
  • how much the landlord has to spend on improvements
  • the condition of the building or the space being leased
  • the need or importance of a specific type of business use
  • how many vacancies are available in this property as well as the general market area
  • the placement options for the tenant within the building (eg, some tenants need high visibility and signage whereas others may not)
  • how well the tenant’s business will fit with the existing businesses nearby (ie, the correct mix of retail tenants can maximize all of their sales potential)
  • the use type of the business (eg, office, retail, or personal services) may also be a factor in how we evaluate the application
Commercial Leasing Documentation / Verification

Documents which may be requested as part of our commercial lease applications:

  • signed financial statements
  • recent bank statements
  • recent tax returns
  • business credit history
  • credit history of the business’ owner(s)
  • background check of the business’ owner(s)
  • personal guarantees of the business owner(s)
Commercial Leasing Process
  • Complete our online rental application below. Paper applications can also be made available at our open houses or by request by calling 734-272-6612.
  • Once we receive your application we will send a credit & background screening report via TransUnion.
  • We will check references, verify and review most applications within 15 business days.
  • Once approved we will collect your renter’s insurance certification, move-in payment, and send your lease package for your review and electronic signature.
  • Submit Certificate of Occupancy (“CofO”) application to the City of Ypsilanti for the specific business use type. The City typically requires a hand-drawn floor plan showing the business’ furniture, merchandise displays, etc, to be included with their application.
  • With all of the above requirements being met, the Landlord will then sign the lease and provide keys to the new Tenant on or ahead of their move-in date.

Property ownership includes and is managed by a licensed real estate broker.
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