Ypsilanti’s Historic South Side Neighborhood: An Eclectic Blend of Historic Charm and Modern Convenience

a photo of 111 S Adams St, a home in Ypsilanti's south side neighborhood
111 S Adams, a historic home in the neighborhood we sold in 2023

Ypsilanti’s historic South Side neighborhood offers an exceptional value with its unique mix of historic homes, vibrant community, and proximity to downtown amenities. This area is a perfect choice for those looking to experience the charm of historic architecture combined with modern living conveniences.

Architectural Diversity and Historical Significance of Ypsilanti’s South Side

The South Side neighborhood is renowned for its diverse architectural styles, with homes mostly built between the late 1800s and mid-1900s.

Architectural Highlights from Ypsilanti’s Historic South Side Neighborhood

  • Victorian “Painted Ladies”: These charming establishments showcase intricate woodwork, wrap-around porches, and period furnishings, reflecting the grandeur of the Victorian era.
  • New-Deal Era Homes: Featuring more modern designs from the mid-20th century, these homes offer a glimpse into the architectural evolution of the neighborhood.

A Vibrant and Diverse Community

Ypsilanti’s historic South Side neighborhood is home to a mix of professionals, artists, families, and students, creating a lively and diverse community atmosphere.

Proximity to Amenities

  • Downtown Ypsilanti: Just a few blocks away, residents can enjoy a variety of nightlife options, restaurants, and cafes, all within walking distance.
  • Depot Town: Another nearby attraction, known for its historic buildings, boutique shops, and vibrant community events.
  • Riverside Park, the Riverside Arts Center, Local Farmers Markets, and more!

Transportation and Accessibility

Living in the South Side means cars are optional. The neighborhood is conveniently located near bus lines, making it easy to commute to different parts of Ypsilanti and beyond.

Real Estate Market Trends

The South Side is one of the top picks for up-and-coming neighborhoods in Ypsilanti as of writing this in 2023. The market value of homes in this area has been increasing, with shorter marketing times compared to several other neighborhoods.

Preserving History

The South Side’s rich history has been carefully preserved by its residents and local organizations like the Ypsilanti Historical Society. One notable project, “South Adams Street @ 1900” by historian Matthew Siegfried, focuses on documenting the history of South Adams Street and its notable residents.

Highlight: 111 S Adams St (pictured above)

This historic household, sold last year, is a prime example of the neighborhood’s architectural and historical significance. The De Hazen-Jacobs House stands out with its blend of Victorian and Colonial styles, contributing to the rich tapestry of Ypsilanti’s past.

Ypsi’s historic south side is also one of our top picks for up-and-coming neighborhoods as this one has grown in market value (with decreasing marketing times) faster than most other neighborhoods in the Ypsi real estate market. If you’re partial towards historic homes, be sure not to miss the gems on the south side, and call us for a showing.

Historic South Side Homes for Sale — Current Inventory

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