The Riverside Neighborhood in Ypsilanti

Connecting Downtown to Depot Town; Some of Ypsilanti’s Finest Properties

The Riverside neighborhood stretches from downtown (near the Riverside Arts Center) all the way north along the Huron river up to Eastern Michigan’s Campus. Typical of the downtown Ypsilanti region, architecture includes ranches, farmhouses and many larger, turn-of-the-century Victorian style homes– several of which have been converted into multi-family housing intended for EMU students and staff. Hardwood floors, turn-of-the-century plaster work and Chicago-style brick architecture describes many Riverside homes in Ypsi. Because Riverside includes properties adjacent to both EMU and downtown, some commercial and even a few light industrial properties, there is a pretty diverse range of property here with high walkability since the neighborhood is just between EMU, Depot Town, and Downtown. Due in part to Downtown Ypsi’s development having trailed behind Depot Town’s development and investment, Riverside is one of our picks for one of the best up-and-coming neighborhoods in town where buyers can still find a great value for their dollar.

Riverside is home to some phenomenal family-owned independent shops including one of the best cafes in town, Cross Street Coffee (formerly the Ugly Mug) along with one of the best fast-casual burger spots in town; Got Burger. The Michigan Firehouse Museum is also located right in Riverside at the corner of Cross and N Huron.

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